Kahala for Sale

The best properties in Kahala for sale include beautiful stretches of white-sand beach along Oahu’s southwestern coastline. During the 1950s, Hawaii’s elite constructed some of Hawaii’s finest homes along these beaches, with expansive properties that stretch from Kahala Avenue to the shoreline. With a reef-protected beach, Hawaiians of old used to fish here with poles and nets (Kahala is named after a variety of tuna, which was a common catch long ago). Today, the peaceful beach is popular with the neighborhood’s residents and beachgoers who seek a quiet stretch of sand to relax and sunbathe.

The Best in Kahala for Sale Properties

By the 1960s, properties in Kahala for sale were considered the “Beverly Hills” of Hawaii, with multimillion-dollar shoreline estates, stately palms and perfectly manicured lawns. The original homes were designed by the state’s premier architects, whose state-of-the-art creations attracted the top echelon of society. Beginning in the 1980s, Kahala has undergone a transformation, as the old styles gave way to new, with even grander homes sprouting up, graced with world-class landscapes and elaborate manmade water features.

Key attractions in Kahala include:

+ Kahala Resort and Hotel, a world-class establishment that’s a blend of old-world charm and new world modernism. At the end of Kahala Ave., it’s one of the most exclusive locations on the island of Oahu.

+ Waialae Country Club, home to the PGA’s prestigious Sony Open in Hawaii and the premiere country club on the island of Oahu.

+ Kahala Mall, a convenient center with excellent shopping and dining options. Kahala Mall is a great blend of interesting boutiques and local flavors. It also offers great dining and entertainment experiences.

+ Kahala Beach Apartments and Regency at Kahala, the exclusive condominiums in the area. These Kahala condos are in the heart of Kahala, thus offer the best in location and prestige.

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Kahala for Sale

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