Ae'o in Ward Village

Groundbreaking Special for Ae’o Buyers

If you considered buying into Ae’o, now is the time! It’s for a limited time Ward Village is offering a 2% credit at closing and a free storage unit. You can save from $35,000-$50,000 when y... Read More
Kaka’ako Condos

Kaka’ako Condos: Tips to Buying the Best

Kaka’ako condos are some of the hottest real estate in Honolulu. With numerous new high rises gracing the new Honolulu skyline, Kaka’ako is the exciting new urban center in the tropics. Here’... Read More

Kakaako - Luxury Living in the City

In our recent blog postings on the redevelopment of Honolulu’s Kakaako neighborhood, we’ve covered everything from the overall vision for the area to the detailed plans for new workforce h... Read More

Kakaako - An Affordable Neighborhood

If you’ve been following the news on Kakaako, you already know that this community will be growing dramatically over the next decade. The plan to build at least 30 new condominium towers and inc... Read More

Kakaako - Creating a Sustainable, Livable City

As you know from our previous blogs as well as the many newspaper and magazine articles circulating these days the community of Kakaako is being primed for a redevelopment of somewhat epic proportions... Read More

Kakaako - Ready for Luxury Living

Set in the heart of Honolulu between Waikiki and downtown, Kakaako is one of the city’s most forward-looking and high-potential neighborhoods. And it’s constantly growing; in fact, project... Read More

Kakaako - Honolulu's New Heartbeat

As an island with less than 600 square miles – most of which are occupied by steep mountain terrain – Oahu has turned to models such as Singapore and New York City for inspiration on susta... Read More

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