Cultural Manoa

Manoa is a large community, but rather quiet when it comes to commercial activity. Its streets and graceful homes wind into the back of the valley beneath rainbows and towering monkeypod trees, with l... Read More

Out and About in Manoa

Manoa is one of Honolulu’s only highly prized neighborhoods that isn’t near the ocean—instead, it nestles into cool green-valley mists, a haven for trails and trickling waterfalls. This trop... Read More

Buying a Home in Manoa

Everyone knows that buying a home in Manoa is a solid real estate investment, but that’s not why Hawaii’s elite prefers Manoa. This is a kamaaina neighborhood—a neighborhood with history, charm ... Read More

Venerable Manoa

Manoa is one of Hawaii’s most charming and cherished neighborhoods—a landscape of venerable mansions, historic bungalows and Asiatic mid-20th-century family homes in Honolulu’s prettiest valley.... Read More

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