Kahala Condo Hunting

Kahala Condo Hunting Secrets

Finding a Kahala condo can be challenging. Kahala is primarily a single family neighborhood so condo inventory is limited. And while there are many high-rise condo projects in other areas of town (Kak... Read More

Waikiki: Shopping, Dining and More

As one of Honolulu’s busiest commercial centers, Waikiki is a shopping and dining paradise. Squeezed into a strip only a mile and a half long are hundreds of stores—including unique Island and Jap... Read More

Outdoor Adventures in Waikiki

Few Honolulu neighborhoods, if any, can boast as much outdoor excitement as Waikiki. Although this is an extremely compact district towering with high-rise hotels and condos, its edges are framed by t... Read More

Investing in Waikiki

Over the last two decades—and especially following extensive high-end development in the last several years—a Waikiki address has not only regained the status it boasted in earlier years, but has ... Read More

The New Waikiki

Waikiki—a name so glamorized and renowned the world over that we might think we know all there is to know about this stretch of golden beachfront. But Waikiki is a wonderful enigma of a neighborhood... Read More

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