5 Decor Trends We’re Sick of Seeing

5 Decor Trends We're Sick of Seeing

Grey Bedrooms

Once relaxing, I now find boring. Do you want to know the #1 reason I love grey? It doesn’t show cat fur. I’m not saying we need to completely 86 grey. Add some color… a touch of life. I love our grey quilt and I’m not trading it in until I find something amazing. hello, cal king bedding costs a lot. I’ll be swapping our white sheets to a blue & white pattern, adding rich blue euro shams and a cozy faux fur throw. If you’re apprehensive about adding color to your bedroom, look for jewel tones. They’re timeless and elegant.

Gallery Walls

Clutter and chaos stress me out. 98% of the time gallery walls look just like that. I understand part of the novelty is that you can swap out your art whenever and display many more pieces, but I can’t stand it. When I go home I want to put on loungewear and relax not stare at my cluttered walls and pray for a Xanax. I love a bold painting or two (no more than a tryptic, please) centered on a wall, grounding the room. Where I will make an exception: a hallway/staircase gallery wall. I can’t think of anyone that goes to relax in a hallway.

chalkboard wall

Chalkboard Walls

I will be the first to admit that I jumped all over that chalkboard trend in the kitchen thinking it was brilliant. It was going to be the perfect place to write inspirational quotes and grocery lists. Guess what? You can’t take that grocery list to the market and I never remembered to take a photo. Inspirational quotes? Pfft. I forgot in the madness that my handwriting looks like a doctor & a wanna-be-calligrapher had a baby. I would bribe my little sister with dinner to update our board but then she moved to LA. It hasn’t changed since then. Also, two words: chalk dust. I solemnly swear I will never ever put a chalkboard wall in my home again.

Barn Doors

Thanks to Joanna Gaines the popularity of barn doors is through the roof. Can we please just stop? It’s not even a cute statement anymore. It’s expected & becoming rather pedestrian. Let’s have a moment here and talk real life: do you really want your significant other to hear you doing your business in the bathroom? At least if you a proper door separating the bedroom from the bath we can all pretend to have some dignity and lose none of our sexiness with our spouses. You can chalk this up to me being a millennial, but by George, I am doing my darnest to keep the mystery alive.

mid century modern furniture

Mid-Mod Everything

Let me first disclaim that I have and love a teal mid-century modern love seat. I love furniture with legs. Leggy furniture is perfect for small spaces; it can make everything feel airy. However, mid-mod everything is kitsch. Mix and match different styles of furniture to create a curated timeless look. It will save you loads of money in the long run. Always think of things as cost per use or wear. Even though big box retailers like Target make trendy items easily accessible but that doesn’t mean you should partake in every trend. I try not to buy anything unless I’m in love, but if it’s a trend piece I will try to find it at TJ Maxx or Target.