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5 Portable Kitchen Islands We Love

portable kitchen islands

I love a good kitchen island. They’re usually the heart of the home.

Think about it… when you have friends and family over, where does everyone end up? I’m betting it’s clustered in the kitchen or around the island (if you have one).

If you need a little more counter space in your kitchen, consider a portable island instead of paying a contractor to design & install one. Most portable islands look like elegant statement pieces that add an extra hint of style to your home.

portable kitchen islands

Image source: Pinterest

These are some of my favorite kitchen islands I found online. There’s a little something for everyone: traditional, industrial, mid mod and rustic farmhouse.


1. Kimbrough Kitchen Island

I would place this island in a white kitchen. The stark contrast would lend a bold statement. With drawers to store linens and shelves to keep your favorite dishes and cookware easily accessible, you can’t go wrong.

I would also consider placing wire baskets on the shelves to store produce. Consider putting root vegetables on the bottom shelf and fresh fruit on the top.

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2. Baxton Studio Kitchen Island with Wooden To

A little industrial, but simple enough to play well with most kitchens, this island is perfect for storing produce & your most used dishes.

A bonus, this island also has casters to easily roll out of the way. You could transform this into a chic bar for a dinner party.

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3. Biscuits and Jam Kitchen Island

Perfect for the farmhouse or rustic French kitchen.

While you can’t easily scoot this island to the side, it’s perfect for large kitchens that could use some extra cabinet storage. The opposite side has a bunch of drawers that would be perfect for storing linens.

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4. Mod Kitchen Island

For the mid-century modern lovers: this island is for you.

With the light pine base & white marble top, this island is 1000% on trend right now. I would personally use the drawers to organize food storage containers. Am I the only one that hates how Tupperware tends to spread out all over storage cabinets?

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5. Java Kitchen Island

While this island is particularly industrial, I like the compact size. Hawaii homes are not known for having the most space. This slim solution is only 16″ wide with an on-trend white marble top.

This slim solution is only 16″ wide with an on-trend white marble top. Because of the height you can easily hang pots and pans with the hooks under the island-top.

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