5 Tips for Selling Your Home on Oahu

5 Tips for Selling Your Home

  1. Don’t be overly involved.
    You don’t want to hang around your open house or private showings. It can make buyers uneasy. Let your realtor do their job and represent you & your home. It will make the process much smoother.
  2. Have realistic expectations.
    The value of your home is not determined by what you need, what you want or what your neighbor’s home sold for. It’s based upon today’s market, competition, economic conditions, location and other factors. Overpricing can lead to your home being on the market too long.
  3. Declutter your home. We all have clutter. It comes with living in your home. Most times your agent will ask you to box up clutter as well as personal photos & belongings and place them in the garage or closet.
  4. Use a Marketing Agent – not just a listing agent. Listing agents list your home and do the bare minimum. Marketing agents, like myself, market homes. We advise on upgrades, staging, hire professional photographers, videographers & create lifestyle videos. We also use traditional marketing methods like print ads & postcards. Plus we use social media & digital ads.
  5. Don’t make last minute design upgrades without consulting your realtor. While some upgrades can make your home sell at a high price – some upgrades won’t make a difference. Also, don’t take offense if your realtor says your home is a little electric & requests things like wallpaper & unique paint colors to be removed.