Say Yes to a Statement Powder Room

Kimo & I have been knee-deep discussing wallpaper & hand painted tiles the past few months.

You can probably imagine which sides of the fence we both remain.

statement powder room

Kimo, the Realtor, can only think of property resale values. To him, wallpaper & other “permanent” statement fixtures are nothing but a huge expense to replace when it comes time to list a home for sale.

The designer & artist in me loves a strong statement coupled with areas of calm, striking a good balance. I love making houses feel like homes. To me, the fancy wallpapers & hand painted tiles are a just another way to add personality & warmth.

The thing is we’re both right. Those fun statements are so personal, but it makes a home hard to sell.

However, you could say I had a small victory last week.

statement powder rooms

We were visiting a client last week & I got to see their powder room. I gasped in awe & immediately ran out to drag Kimo back with me.

Their powder room was hand-painted from the baseboards to the ceiling. It was like we had stepped into a jungle. Palm trees, flowers, & birds covered the walls. I was in love.

It makes sense to go bold in the powder room. They are some of the smallest rooms in the house, just home to a toilet & a sink… significantly smaller that the usual master bath. At the end of the day, if you have to remove a gilded mirror & some wallpaper to replace it with a neutral paint color & frameless mirror, you’ll only be out a few hundred dollars.

Statement powder rooms are a thing, folks. Think about it. You can let your artsy freak flag fly & it won’t cost you a million bucks to neutralize a room when it comes time to sell. And if you’re not quite ready to commit, there are so many removable wallpaper options out there. Statement powder rooms make a great conversation piece.

And guess what? They’re now Kimo Approved.

Images courtesy of bathrooms on Pinterest.