Tips for Stress-free Moving on Oahu

moving on oahu

Ah, moving day… something we all look forward to with immense joy and excitement.

If only.

As we are in the real estate industry, we get a lot of questions about which moving company to use, where to get boxes and other miscellaneous things. And as someone that had to move staging furniture & items on a regular basis, you can bet I’ve tried a lot of moving companies with mixed results. Here are my tips to help you get through your move with as little stress as possible.

Rent moving boxes – it’s eco-friendly & practical
I cringe at the thought of buying moving boxes. They so expensive & wasteful. When I first learned of BungoBox, I thought they were utter geniuses. BungoBox rents “reusable, interlocking plastic moving containers to save consumers time and money over traditional moving methods”. Along with the plastic containers come custom sized BungoWheels (dollies). In addition to these containers being reusable, they’re stackable. No more box Tetris. And no more limping around from dropping books on your feet due to packing tape failure.

bungo box

BungoBoxes start at $56.00 a week and go up from there. They have rental packages for 1 – 4 bedrooms that you can rent for 1 – 4 weeks.

Did I mention that they deliver and pick up?

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Use a reliable & efficient moving company
I have used my fair share of movers due to all the staging that I do. I have been through the good, bad & ugly. (The ugly was literally having movers not show up on the last day of the month.) For the past few months, I’ve used Sons of Aloha Movers. The owner, Chris, is the one that schedules everything. His rates are reasonable. He is extremely professional & communication is excellent. I’ve met about 4 of his employees at this point. They’re efficient & respectful. There is a reason they have 5 stars on Yelp.

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Keep heavy duty garbage bags on hand
You know why they’re so awesome? You can throw your bedding, towels & clothes in them for last minute packing. I never do a move without extra packing tape & extra garbage bags on hand.

Have lunch (& maybe dinner) delivered
Do yourself a favor & download BiteSquad in the app store. BiteSquad delivers food from all your favorite local restaurants on the island. From the time you place the order to delivery takes about an hour. Fees range from $1.99 to $7.99 (based upon mileage). Having food show up at the door is such a life saver.

What moving tips do you have? I’d love to hear how you keep moving day from getting out of hand!