Kailua – Coconut Grove

The town of Kailua is more than a beachfront paradise – it’s a lifestyle. Located on Oahu’s lush Windward Coast, Kailua’s white sand beach and tranquil turquoise bay define the community, a collection of mellow micro-neighborhoods stretching out around several blocks of trendy shops and cafés. Marshland, canals, low hills and mature coconut trees add an extra layer of countryside character to Kailua’s small-town charm.

Kailua – meaning “two seas” in Hawaiian – has long been treasured for its rich natural resources and great beauty. Native Hawaiians began farming and fishing here nearly a millennium ago, making it one of the island’s earliest settled regions. By the 1940s, an upscale bedroom community began to develop around its small farms and rustic beach houses, growing in popularity and prominence with each decade.

Once the site of a large coconut grove, Kailua’s Coconut Grove neighborhood is one of the town’s most affordable and settled, with older single-family bungalows and low-rise condos nestled along narrow, quiet streets. Many homes overlook Kawainui Marsh, a lush, 800-acre wetland that opens up to incredible mountain views. The neighborhood is a short walk to the beach and to Kailua’s best shopping and dining, plus features a private tennis club.

Key attractions within Kailua include:

+ More than 2 miles of white sand along an oceanfront perfect for kayaking and windsurfing
+ A variety of charming shops and cafés, including a popular farmers’ market
+ Services and several grocery stores, including gourmet markets and 24/7 supermarkets
+ Kailua and Kainalu public elementary schools, plus several upscale private schools

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